Robotic casting plants

A robot of 2 stations per plant can handle casting ranging from 1.3 lb to 8.8 lb. Every station is provided with 2 casting machines tilting to 45°, whose span is 5.4 ft.

Max Weight 70 Kg


Melting furnaces

High efficiency gas furnaces whose capacities are:
1 furmace: 2000 Kg liquid aluminium - 800 kg/h
2 furnaces: 600 Kg liquid aluminium - 300 Kg/h

Capacity 10 Ton/day


Electric furnaces

The capacity of these furnaces is 700 kg/1543 lb. Electric power supply was chosen to guarantee thermal and metallurgical stability

Liquid always 5 Ton


Casting machines

Taroni Foundry has 16 AUTOMATIC casting machines. Among these, two are tilting to 90° and two more are tilting to 45° and opening 5.4 ft.

Max Dimensions
L:1800 mm - H:1200 mm


Degassing plants

Degassing plants are fundamental because, as regards alloys specific weight, they make us to achieve a better result

Degassing 100%


Mechanical workshop

Our internal workshop is provided with manual machines for molds maintenance and setup

Under Control by in house Scheduling

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