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Case Studies

x ray trolly medical devices

Case Study - X-Ray trolley for medical sector


A Technical consulting to switch from steel sheet to aluminum casting

The case study describes how Taroni Foundry, aluminum foundry, has succeeded in creating aluminum castings for medical devices sector reducing costs, weight reduction and other benefits for the customers.

Steel sheet


Aluminium casting



  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Design
  • Simulation
  • Prototyping
  • Manifacturing


  • Weight reduction
  • Good mechanical features
  • Better aesthetics and design
  • Longer durability of the product
  • Overall product cost reduction
  • Compliance with ISO 13485 standard
  • Higher security

Technical data sheet

  • Alloy: Alloy 42100 + T6
  • Casting weight : 15 Kg
  • Pouring temperature: 760ÆC
  • Pouring weight: 25 Kg - Yield: 56%
  • Moulding Process: Gravity die casting

Company plus

  • FMEA
  • Control Plans
  • Batch and materialis traceability guaranteed 15 years
  • Qualified Supply Chain
  • Low batch thanks to storage
  • Guaranteed powder coating 1000 or 1500 hours with saline fog test according to the customer requirements, certified by accredited laboratory
  • Possibility different color
  • Possibility different application
casting simulation
casting traciability
alloy casting

How we win the challenges


Specifications, product use, costs, quality, quantity are analysed with the customer. We also carry out an approximate analysis of the costs of the tools needed.


Thanks to the size of the machinery of the foundry it has been possible to realize a mold with two cavities with dimensions of 1200 x 1000.


The casting simulation is a tool used in foundries to monitor the filling process of the aluminum into the mold, so check filling and solidification of castings and identify any critical areas.


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