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What is rapid metal protocasting?

What is rapid metal protocasting?

Rapid metal protocasting is a process start with a 3D design of your new product and manufacturing it in the desired aluminum alloy using a sand mould in which the same alloy as the final product is cast.

You can also do mechanical tooling on the prototype as well as leak testing and other pre-processing, verifying the quality of the project.

This technique ensures fast implementation ranging from 7 to 14 days, depending on the complexity of the project.
Discover the 6 advantages of metal rapid protocasting:
  1. Reduce time to market: With 3D metal prototyping, the go-to-market time reduces drastically thus enabling companies to launch new products faster in the market. Shorter time to market means having a better ability to predict success.
  2.  Increased speed: One of the greatest advantages of metal rapid prototyping is the speed because it reduces the production time from years and months to weeks and days.
  3. Reducing Product Development Costs: Rapid prototyping lets you turn your concept into a test subject quickly and efficiently.
  4. Design freedom: Creation of complex designs, unlike traditional manufacturing methods which have its own design limitations.
  5. Eliminating the Risk of Product Failure: Metal rapid protocasting allows designers to discover and remedy any critical design flaws during the testing phase, before the product hits the market. This eliminates the risk of product failure and ensures the final product is of the highest quality.
  6. Improving User (and Stakeholder) Involvement: Prototypes created through metal rapid protocasting encourage collaboration and constructive feedback from vital sources, such as users and stakeholders. This helps to improve the overall design and functionality of the final product.

In conclusion, metal rapid protocasting is a highly efficient and versatile process that offers several benefits to companies looking to develop new products.

With its fast implementation time, design freedom, and ability to eliminate the risk of product failure, it's a popular choice for many businesses in the manufacturing industry.

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